Spec  Invitation Cards — Matte gold stamping on specialty art cardstock, diecut Invitation Holder — Matte gold Stamping on specialty art paperstock, diecut, score Envelope —  Matte gold stamping Client J & P Design Fenming Design Year 2010

  Spec Postcards— full color on 300 gsm matte coated cardstock Holder— Black on 280 gsm matte coated cardstock with matte lamination, diecut Client / Design ODIN NEW YORK Year 2010

  Spec  Photos & Holder —  Full color printing on linen paper stock with diecut. Client Sam & Hanako Year 2007  

  Spec Tape — 35mm x 10M continuous pattern imprint, 3 designs Black on 100P white kraft paper Split cut on the back Low-temperature glue colored in gray Box — 8.5cm x 8.5cm x 4cm black on 350 gsm uncoated paper Client AREAWARE Designer Ross Menuez Year 2006